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When you’re on the job, your equipment can’t let you down. You need a solution that eliminates your problems and improves your operations, delivering on safety.

Penny Hydraulics can help.

For over 20 years we’ve been supplying utility and highways companies with the tools needed to overcome manual handling challenges and get the job done right, first time. And have worked with some of the UK’s largest businesses, including BT, Royal Mail, Local Councils, Severn Trent, and Balfour Beatty. We’re also proud approved converters for Vehicle Mounted Lifting Equipment (VME) for VW, Renault, Nissan, and Ford.

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Davit Cranes – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Tools to get the job done.

Our range of Vehicle Mounted Lifting Equipment (VME) and davits are designed to reduce the risk of manual handling related injuries and increase the efficiency of workforces. All our cranes can also be used to lift from below ground level, further removing on the job safety hazards. The range comprises of lightweight SwingLift cranes, hydraulic PH cranes, hydraulic loading platforms and winches and hoists.

When mounted to a vehicle, lifts enable drivers to move heavy items on and off the vehicle easily, safely, and efficiently. So, no matter what the job is, you have the tools to get it done.

As well as offering standard specification VME, we also specialise in bespoke configurations, working with our customers to ensure they receive a solution that works best for them.

Our davits are lightweight portable cranes that can be set up to perform lifts where vehicles cannot reach. With a lifting capacity of up to 995kg they are the perfect solution for utilities companies.

Penny Hydraulics solutions for utilities, highways and councils

Vehicle Mounted Cranes

Combining simplicity and proven durability our range of Swinglift cranes provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective means of handling loads for all types of vehicle. SwingLift cranes weigh very little but have a max working load of up to 500kg – perfect for lifting pumps / generators on and off vans.

Vehicle Mounted Cranes - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Loading Platforms

Our range of loading platforms for 3.5 tonne commercial vehicles such as vans and flatbed trucks.

Hydraulic Loading Platforms: Vans, Pick-ups & Trucks | Penny Hydraulics

Trailer Cranes

Our range of trailer cranes – suitable for a wide range of applications and industries. Trailer cranes provide you with the fleet flexibility to carry out the job.

Vehicle Mounted Lifting Equipment - Vehicle Mounted Lifting Equipment - Penny Hydraulics

Our Davit cranes are light weight, robust and easy to use, providing users with a portable and versatile load handling tool for below ground lifting.

Davit Winch Only Inc Storage Bag 12V - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Our range of hotbox cranes is used to lift gas cylinders to the hotbox on highways vehicles. And our GridLifts are specially adapted SwingLifts used to remove drain covers on roads to aid highway maintenance.

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Approved Converters

Penny Hydraulics are proud to have earned approved converter status with a number of top vehicle manufacturers.

Vehicle Mounted Lifting Equipment - Vehicle Mounted Lifting Equipment - Penny Hydraulics

Benefits of Lifting Equipment

Trailer Cranes | Cranes for Trailers | Penny Hydraulics

Increased Efficiency

Unplanned downtime and keeping customers waiting is costly and bad for business. So, it is integral that your processes and solutions eliminate both.

Vehicle Mounted Cranes - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Improved Health & Safety

The HSE states that 1 in 3 accidents at work are caused by manual handling. The introduction of a mechanical lifting aid can help to protect your staff and to reduce the risk of injury.

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Save Manpower

A crane or loading platform can reduce a two- or three-person task to a single-person task, saving money and allowing you to utilise your workforce more effectively.

About Us - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Adhere to Legislation

It is the law to put sensible health and safety measures in place to prevent and avoid injury. Penny Hydraulics’ range of lifting equipment can help.

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Low impact on payload / footprint of vehicle

We’ve worked hard to keep the weight of our lifting solutions low to minimise the impact on remaining payload. Enabling the customer to lift and move a large amount of items from A to B. They’ve also been designed to be compact and have little impact on the overall footprint of the van leaving lots of workable space.

Severn Trent Tap into Penny Hydraulics Range of SwingLifts to Help to Improve Their Workflow

Our partnership with Bott allows us to provide lifting solutions to customers with large fleets such as Severn Trent. We’re really pleased that Severn Trent have come back to us once again for the ML500 as a lifting solution – it proves that it is the correct solution for their application.
Daniel Casey, Marketing Manager View case study
Severn Trent Tap into Penny Hydraulics Range of SwingLifts to Help to Improve Their Workflow - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

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