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With a range of specialised lifting equipment already on offer, and using CAD modelling techniques, our team of experienced and qualified design engineers can create a bespoke crane or lifting platform to suit a particular application swiftly and cost effectively.

Offering both electric and hydraulic configurations, our custom lifting solutions can be configured to meet your exact requirements. Whether you require a custom Loading Platform, Trailer Crane, Vehicle Mounted Crane, workshop crane or Davit Crane, Penny Hydraulics has the capabilities to design, manufacture, deliver, and maintain a lifting solution that encompasses all of the unique requirements of your business.

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Why Choose a Custom Crane?

No matter how specific your requirements are, we endeavour to always go above and beyond to create innovative solutions to suit your needs without any over complication. Our team of designers, project managers and engineers will guide you through each phase of the project, as well as offering inspection and maintenance services to ensure your custom crane’s ongoing reliability, safety and compliance with legislation.

Having the right tool for the job will:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Simplify operations
  • Protect staff
  • and Save costs

International Partners

Penny Hydraulics is proud to be an international brand; boasting over 4 decades of direct industry experience and expertise. Delivering world-class lifting solutions to 25 countries worldwide, including Europe, the Middle East, the USA, Australia, and more, our team of professionals have unrivalled experience in providing you with safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Servicing and Maintenance

If you opt for a customised crane from Penny Hydraulics, your new system will be CE-marked and have a comprehensive operation and service manual. Also, you can be assured that it is backed by our own network of UK-wide engineers trained and competent to inspect and service our unique product ranges.

Consistent maintenance is essential for the ongoing safety and longevity of the equipment.

Servicing and Maintenance – Penny Hydraulics

Why Choose Penny Hydraulics?

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Bespoke Design

Our custom cranes are expertly designed by our Design Engineers to cater to your exact lifting and handling requirements; taking all of your unique lifting needs into consideration to provide a custom solution.

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Manufactured in the UK

Penny Hydraulics’ is based at a purpose-built facility in the Sheffield City region. This is a centre of excellence for engineering in the UK with access to world-class training and engineering support.

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Service and Maintenance

Our team of Service Engineers are based throughout the UK and is able to service and maintain your systems to ensure they remain safe and compliant with legal obligations.

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Sustainably focused manufacturer

Penny Hydraulics is actively reducing its carbon footprint with zero waste to landfill, solar power generation and low energy systems throughout its operation.

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Custom Cranes FAQs

What is a custom crane?


A custom crane is a lifting and handling solution tailored to meet specific operational requirements. It is designed, engineered, and manufactured to address unique challenges and optimise efficiency within a particular industry or application.

For a bespoke quote, contact Penny Hydraulics today.

Why should I choose a custom crane over a standard crane?


Custom cranes are designed to precisely match your operational needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. They are ideal when standard cranes do not adequately address your unique lifting or handling requirements.

What industries can benefit from custom cranes?


Custom cranes find applications across various industries, including manufacturing, construction, energy, automotive, and more. Any industry with specialised lifting or material handling needs can benefit from a tailored crane solution.

Do you provide maintenance and support for custom cranes?


Yes, we offer comprehensive maintenance and support services for our custom cranes. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance, and safety, and keeps your product in line with industry regulations.

How long does it take to design and manufacture a custom crane?


The timeline for designing and manufacturing a custom crane varies based on complexity, size, and specific requirements. An expected lead-time will be given with your quotation but in many cases, it is only five or six weeks and comparable with the standard crane ranges.

For a bespoke quote, get in touch with the team at Penny Hydraulics today

What are the benefits of a custom crane design?


Custom crane designs offer enhanced operational efficiency, improved safety, increased productivity, and reduced downtime. They can also accommodate unique site layouts, space restrictions, and specialised load requirements.


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