PH500 & 500L Marine – 4.8tm - Penny Hydraulics Ltd
PH500 & 500L Marine – 4.8tm - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

PH500 & 500L Marine – 4.8tm

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IconMax Working Load 3300 kg
IconBoom Reach up to 6.75 m
IconCrane Weight 500-550 kg

The PH 400 and PH 500 cranes are designed for heavy duty industrial use and for installation on off-road vehicles, pay welders, tracked vehicles, ships and boats.

Their unique structural features, including the high slewing torque and the rotation system by double rack and pinion, make them suitable to bear stronger winds and steeper inclines than standard cranes.

PH 400 and PH 500 are often incorporated in complex machinery and often used without hook as hydraulic booms in order to meet the specific needs in different fields, such as mining, forestry and marine applications. A special corrosion-proof treatment is carried out on the marine version.

The range includes 2 models differing in lifting capacity: 4 tm for PH 400 and 5 tm for PH 500. For both models you can choose between an outreach ranging from 3.65m to 5.75m.

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Specification sheets available via the ‘Download’ tab

        • Standard outreach from 3.64 to 5.75m
        • ECI- Electronic Capacity Indicator
        • LME04 – Load Limiting Device
        • 360° double rack and pinion slewing
        • Maximum working slope 15°
        • 4 function valve bank (one free)
        • Slewing torque 16 kNm
        • PTO (Power Take Off)
        • 30 lt. oil tank
        • Counter flange
        • Fitting kit inc. tie bolts set, nuts and lock nuts, spare grease cartridge for slewing worm gear


        • proportional radio remote control
        • proportional cable remote control
        • 990kg high speed winch with 30m rope
        • Flashing light kit for remote control


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Improving Lift Capability for a Leading Brewery

“When Penny Hydraulics staff come to work here, they’re no bother, they know exactly what they’re doing and just get on with it. When things do go wrong, they get here quickly and get the job done as efficiently as possible.”
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Improving Lift Capability for a Leading Brewery - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

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