Penny Hydraulics joined NBS Source, the digital construction platform, in 2021 to make UK manufactured lifting equipment available to a wider audience. “We see NBS Source as the best route for specifiers to access clear, accurate and configurable information. All data and information is delivered without the spin, demonstrating with clarity what the product will do, and more importantly, what it won’t do.” Robin Penny, Managing Director of Penny Hydraulics.

In addition to its core objective of supporting the construction industry to build more safely, NBS Source has a strong focus on sustainability. Penny Hydraulics lifting equipment also supports safer and more efficient working, with all products manufactured using sustainability in mind. The company is committed to sustainable designs and manufacturing processes.  Products are made using recycled and recyclableable materials wherever possible and are readily serviceable for long-life. The Derbyshire manufacturer has invested in systems to reduce waste in all its forms and has zero waste to landfill.  Fifty percent of the factory electricity is from roof based solar panels and the balance purchased from a sustainable supplier.  Local community projects, schools and other training providers are supported through various means including access to company expertise, manufacturing resource and funding . “Penny Hydraulics are well aligned with the values of sustainability held by NBS Source and its client base.,” says Robin.

Since 2014, Penny Hydraulics have been supplying and maintaining chandelier winch systems within Royal Households and were awarded a Royal Warrant of Appointment by Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth during 2022. The application process to become a Royal Warrant Holder places great emphasis on sustainability. “There are strict criteria which Grantees must meet in order to be granted a Royal Warrant, of which sustainability is a significant part. We were surprised by how much the Royal Warrant community shares the same community and environmental aims as many smaller, community and family-based firms with continual improvement at its heart.” Ed Penny, General Manager of Raising and Lowering Systems at Penny Hydraulics.

Since 2021, specifiers using NBS Source have been able to add Penny Hydraulics goods lifts, winch systems and Tested Hanging Brackets to projects, accessing a wealth of data to compare available products and make informed decisions early in the project lifecycle.

“All our equipment listed on NBS, goods lifts, Tested Hanging Brackets and winch systems, are designed to remove the risks associated with manual handling or working at height,” says Ed.

Goods Lifts

Every Penny Hydraulics goods lift is designed to meet the exact needs of each individual client site, combining engineering and design expertise to deliver the perfect fit, every time. A comprehensive range of customisable good lifts are designed for every facet of business operations. “Whether it be a warehouse, access to a mezzanine floor, receiving deliveries at a pub, getting bins on and off a loading bay, or even working in a light well, we help clients build safer and better work environments”, says Robin.

Maximising your premises potential by utilising areas not at ground level is good business sense but risks associated with carrying goods or using a fork-lift truck need to be addressed.  The installation of a made-to-measure, rugged and reliable goods lift will help eliminate these risks and will make your processes more efficient.

Sustainable Values Aligned: Lifting Equipment on NBS Source – Penny Hydraulics

Winch Systems

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), working at height is one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries in UK workplaces. Assets suspended at height are both time consuming and costly to maintain, requiring multiple skilled operators to carry out basic maintenance. Raising and lowering systems, also known as winches or hoists, lower assets to ground level at the press of a button, in minutes. This ensures assets can be quickly and easily maintained without causing disruption and without the risk of injury.

Tested Hanging Brackets

It is obvious that anything hanging from a roof or ceiling should be secure but how do you know if it is? We have a range of Tested Hanging Brackets for inclusion in projects. We will also weigh, if necessary, what needs to be supported and supply a tested anchor point suitable for the known load.  We can test the anchor once it has been installed for complete peace of mind. The degree of certainty required will vary dependant on risk and we can help with these decisions.

Meeting the Needs of Specifiers

Penny Hydraulics is a UK manufacturer with full control over production, meaning customers can benefit from short lead-times and excellent support. Manufacturer transparency is critical to accurate and compliant specifications. Penny Hydraulics are committed to delivering clear and open information to all its customers. Features and drawbacks of lifting products are all made clear to ensure that neither manufacturer nor specifier encounter issues during a project.

“All installations include load testing and commissioning as standard,” says Ed. “From initial site survey to installation, through the full project lifecycle, we deliver a fully integrated, single supplier solution. We have absolute confidence in our products and team, all products are rigorously tested to meet lifting legislation requirements, and all are supplied with individual load test certification and Declaration of Conformity.”