Derbyshire-based UK manufacturer Penny Hydraulics join the ranks of over 800 Royal Warrant Holders across the globe. Chandelier hoists avoid the need to work at height for cleaning and maintenance, delivering a significant improvement in safety for Royal Household staff and a reduction of maintenance downtime.


“To be recognised in this way by The Royal Household is a great honour and is an achievement that everyone at Penny Hydraulics can be proud of as everyone has played their part. It is a clear demonstration of our commitment not just to quality but also to the principles of social, environmental, and economic sustainability.  These are principles that will be ever more important in future”.

Robin Penny
Managing Director, Penny Hydraulics Group


To become a Royal Warrant Holder, persons or companies must be a regular supplier of goods or services to HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, HRH The Prince of Wales, or their Households, for at least five years. Grantees must also prove they meet strict sustainability criteria.

Penny Hydraulics Granted Royal Warrant of Appointment – Penny Hydraulics Ltd
Penny Hydraulics Granted Royal Warrant of Appointment – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

A Royal Warrant is not a symbol of supply exclusivity, it is a symbol of craftsmanship and a sustained relationship, the result of exceptional supplier performance and product quality. Penny Hydraulics relationship with the Royal Household started in 2014, when the manufacturer was commissioned to install a temporary baggage hoist. Following the success of the first installation, Penny Hydraulics were asked to tender for a service contract to maintain chandelier hoist systems throughout Royal properties, across London.


“We submitted our tender application and were shortlisted as one of three companies. Following an interview at Windsor Castle, we were awarded a maintenance contract, which was recently extended.”

Ed Penny

General Manager, Penny Hydraulics Group

Once a supplier meets eligibility criteria, the process of applying for a Royal Warrant comprises two stages. First, the supplier must submit trading data and complete a series of qualifying questions. Having successfully met all stage one criteria, applicants are then invited to complete stage two, a sustainability questionnaire. This part of the process is tailored to the applicant with answers scrutinised by the Royal Household’s Environmental and Social Review Committee. The review process takes up to year with the final decision made by The Lord Chamberlain’s Office.


“It took us approximately seven years to be eligible to apply for a Royal Warrant and the application process takes about a year. After a years’ delay, due to COVID-19, we applied May 2021 and were awarded the Royal Warrant in May 2022. We really couldn’t be prouder. This accolade is testament to our dedication to both quality products and service, which all our customers benefit from, not just the Royal Households.”

Ed Penny
General Manager, Penny Hydraulics Group.

Penny Hydraulics Granted Royal Warrant of Appointment – Penny Hydraulics Ltd