Loading bay lifts can be an essential piece of equipment for many businesses, especially if they need to move pallets, bins, or other goods between levels where the height difference is up to 1.5 metres. This may be a situation such as a loading bay where bins need to be taken down to the ground level to be collected. As they are easy to use and install, they can be found in use in a wide range of sectors including retail, leisure, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and more.

This guide will help businesses to choose whether a loading bay lift is the right lifting equipment for their needs and give advice on sourcing and installation.

What Is A Loading Bay Lift?

A loading bay lift is a “no pit” goods-only lift designed to operate where the change in levels is small such as a loading bay. They can be installed both inside and outside, with little to no alteration. They are ideal for wheeled items or pallets on a pallet truck as they do not need a pit forming but have a short ramp onto the deck of the platform, and are usually self-supporting – some models will even fold up when not in use to provide a clear working area.

Loading Bay Lifts – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

How To Use Loading Bay Lifts

Operating a loading bay lift is a simple process. There will be a control station with hold-to-run up and down buttons, as well as an emergency stop. Press and hold the desired button until the platform reaches the relevant floor. Release the button and the platform stops.

Loading Bay Lifts – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Installing A Loading Bay Lift

Many loading bay lifts, including ours at Penny Hydraulics, come pre-assembled, which makes the installation process efficient and simple. Simply place the assembled equipment on a level surface, anchor it firmly to the ground, and connect it to power. It will then undergo commissioning checks and load testing before being issued with a commissioning certificate as required by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

This installation needs to be completed by fully trained and competent professionals, and our team at Penny Hydraulics are able to both install and commission your new Goods Lift, as well as providing product familiarisation and ongoing support. Not only this, but Penny Hydraulics products and services are guaranteed for twelve months for complete peace of mind.

Where To Buy

In the UK, there are a variety of loading bay lift options. Our Penny Hydraulics Loading Bay Lift will be tailored to your exact requirements by our experienced design team.

With a maximum capacity of 1000 kg and a maximum height of 1.5 metres, our lift can handle a wide range of loads, including crates, pallets, bins, and more.

Its unique folding platform design also means that it can be installed in any indoor or outdoor location as long as there is a standard 240V, 20A electrical supply.


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