Windsor Castle

A Millennium of Architecture

The Royal residence of Windsor is the embodiment of nearly 1000 years of architectural history. Considered to be “one of the supreme achievements of English Perpendicular Gothic” design, Windsor Castle features a sequence of rooms known to be some of the best examples of the late Georgian era. Part of the castle’s impressive décor are its stunning chandeliers

Windsor Castle Northside Roofing Project – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

A Royal Warrant

As Royal Warrant Holder, Penny Hydraulics are responsible for the installation and maintenance of all Royal Household chandelier raising and lowering systems across London. Designed to provide fast and safe access to suspended luminaires for cleaning and maintenance, chandelier winch systems are widely used throughout Royal properties

Waterloo Chamber and Grand Staircase Winch Systems

Entering the Northside Roofing Project in 2018, Penny Hydraulics employees Terry Brocklehurst, Brendan Millns, Darren Portfleet, Jarrel Samuel, Richard Gwynne, and Ed Penny managed the design, refurbishment, and reinstallation of 6 chandelier hoists.

5 of the chandeliers, located in the Waterloo Chamber, required disassembly of the winch systems and removal from site. The parts were refurbished and replaced where required, prior to repositioning of the chandelier hanging points. Following reinstallation of winch systems, the engineers completed load testing and commissioning of the systems, ready for use by Windsor Castle’s property maintenance teams.

The Grand Staircase chandelier, suspended below a timbered lantern ceiling, required a full redesign. Manufactured at Penny Hydraulics Derbyshire headquarters, the bespoke lifting system is now in commission, following load tests

Windsor Castle Northside Roofing Project – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

“Being able to positively contribute towards the restoration of such an iconic building in our country’s history is a great honour for us at Penny Hydraulics. The Northside Roofing Project has been a huge undertaking for the Royal Households property team, and it was a pleasure to be invited to celebrate this monumental achievement by the Director of Property Section in the Waterloo Chamber, where much of our work was carried out. We look forward to working with the fantastic Royal Households team again on future projects!”

Ed Penny, General Manager, Penny Hydraulics.

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