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The Brief

Jonathan Burhouse, Managing Director of Rockshop Wholesale originally approached WSL back in 2017 on the recommendation of his brother who had bought WSL products in the past. Like many businesses, Rockshop Wholesale was growing, importing more semi-precious gemstones from around the globe to meet the demand of its customers. The solution: a mezzanine floor, providing more space by adding a second floor and avoiding the costly requirement to move premises.

Warehouse Systems Ltd / Rockshop Wholesale – Penny Hydraulics Ltd
Warehouse Systems Ltd / Rockshop Wholesale – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

The Challenge

WSL designed, manufactured and installed the mezzanine floor as well as other storage solutions. Due to continued success and growth of the business, Jonathan came back to WSL in 2019 asking to extend the mezzanine floor and this time to include a lifting solution to ensure the safe movement of their products between floors.

The Solution

WSL are experts in the mezzanine floor industry and have been recommending Penny Hydraulics Goods Lifts for their clients since 2011. Rockshop wholesale were introduced to our Goods Lift team and we discussed the requirements of the lifting solution. A fully enclosed Mezz Pro 500kg goods lift was agreed to be the most suitable solution for their requirement.

The Mezz Pro provided enough lifting capacity for the team to move trolleys of product safely between floors. The introduction of a goods lift has helped to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries to their team by removing the need to manually carry heavy items up and down the stairs. Their operation has become more efficient –  anyone can access products on the mezzanine level instead of a reliance on trained fork-lift operators reducing downtime. The option of loading up to 500kg at once gives the team more flexibility and speeds up the movement of goods between floors.

Warehouse Systems Ltd / Rockshop Wholesale – Penny Hydraulics Ltd
We’ve worked with Penny Hydraulics for a number of years on numerous projects. Like ourselves at WSL, they offer a full design, manufacturing and installation service – making their product agile for the customer. Working with Penny Hydraulics is always a pleasure, and we were glad that they could be involved in this project to provide the Rockshop with the complete solution from Mezzanine floor, to specialist shelving and a goods lift.


Warehouse Systems Ltd / Rockshop Wholesale – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

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