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The rise in popularity of US Sports has grown exponentially in the UK in recent years. This has been recognised by the American owners and there has been the introduction of regular season NFL (American Football), NBA(Basketball), NHL (Ice Hockey) and MLB (Baseball) games as well as whispers of London based teams to compete.


2 MezzLight Goods Lifts Help US Merchandise Retailer to Keep Up with Demand – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

As a big NFL and NHL fan for over 20 years, it is a great time to be an American sports fan in the UK. Fantastic TV coverage, online subscriptions to dedicated channels, live games and merchandise make the sports more accessible than ever. No longer as a fan do you have to rely on American websites to send you clothes that could be too big and sometimes incur import duties (I have specific memories of spending more on import and delivery than I did on an actual product). UK based companies make it easier than ever to shop with confidence and to show your colours when it comes to supporting your favourite American teams.

It is no surprise that US sport retailers have the demand for an optimised lifting solution at their UK warehouse.

Penny Hydraulics were invited to a free consultation with a retailer where Area Sales Manager Andy Griffiths discussed their lifting problem:

“I think the most important part of any consultation is listening to the customer so you can gain an understanding of what it is they are trying to achieve. After the initial discussions I then had a walk with the client around the warehouse so they could show me what needed lifting and from this, I was able to offer my expert advice on the best lifting solution knowing now what they required. After a solution and quotation were provided, Penny Hydraulics were chosen to install two 250KG MezzLight goods lifts to overcome the problem and to increase productivity whilst reducing the risk of manual handling.”

General Manager for Goods Lifts Jocelyn Cole added

“All our lifts are designed and manufactured here at our factory in the UK. From our Sales Manager Andy’s consultation we were able to design the lifts to meet the required specifications. From receiving the order and signed off lift drawings we installed the lifts in a 4-5 week lead time.
– Penny Hydraulics Ltd

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