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The Mezz Lift has eliminated the need for lift truck to operate in the stores area which means that space previously used to move items can now be used for storage. Safety is improved because no handling vehicles are travelling in this busy part of the factory. Efficiency is improved because one person can now undertake goods inward operations.

“Our stores are now more efficient because more stock can be handled by fewer people and there is less wasted floorspace,” says Terry Knott, Health & Safety Manager of Bott. “The whole area is inherently safer because there is no need for lift trucks to operate in this busy area where staff are working. The Penny Hydraulics Mezz Lift is the ideal solution for this type of operation.”

Bott Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer and installer of modular in-vehicle storage and workshop solutions that enable users to transform their commercial vehicles into highly efficient, productive and safe working environments to support service, engineering, maintenance and delivery applications. The company offers extensive fleet installation, conversion and preparation services at its principal facility in Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire. Customers include private and public sector utilities, service organisations and commercial businesses.

MezzLift Improves Factory Efficiency – Penny Hydraulics Ltd
MezzLift Improves Factory Efficiency – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

The company installed the Mezz Lift after it identified inefficiencies in its stores operation as the business continued to grow. Components manufactured at other sites within the Bott group are delivered to Ashby in pallet cages. In the past these were handled into the stores and lifted to the mezzanine using a reach truck. The process involved the truck driver working with a colleague stationed on the mezzanine who would then use a hand pallet truck to move the loads to their allotted position. Wide aisles were required at ground level to allow the reach truck room to manoeuvre.

With the Mezzanine Lift the entire handling process can be undertaken by a single person. Pallet cages are handled onto the Mezzanine Lift at ground level, lifted to the mezzanine and taken to the correct location using the hand pallet truck. The reach truck is no longer required which means that fewer and narrower transit aisles are required at ground level in the stores area with the newly freed space being used for additional storage. Safety is also improved because there are no powered lift truck movements in the vicinity of the busy stores area. The reach truck can be allocated to more demanding tasks elsewhere in the factory which means that Bott is making more effective use of its resources.

The Penny Hydraulics Mezz Lift is a robust and versatile platform lift for raising and lowering loads safely and efficiently between two floors up to 4.0 metres apart in factories, warehouses and stores. It eliminates the need to carry loads up stairs by hand which helps organisations to comply with manual handling regulations and reduce the risk of injury to employees. It is available with a range of platform sizes to accommodate all kinds of loads including standard pallets, roll cages, stillages and tote bins.

Compact design helps maximise the storage space and work area. Safety interlocks can be fitted, where applicable, to prevent the lift from operating until the cage gates are secured. The lifting speed of 0.5m/s means that a three metre distance between the floor and mezzanine is covered in just six seconds. For optimum safety a hold-to-run system stops the lift whenever the operators releases the control lever. Hydraulic power delivers smooth, precise action for optimum control and safe, secure operation. The integrated electric motor and hydraulic pump unit ensures that the Mezz Lift is simple to install in any location where there is a standard 13 amp, 240V power supply without any need for a lift pit under the floor.

MezzHD – 1000kg Goods Lift – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

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