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Kent, UK

The work environment at the laundry is busy and given the nature of the work, laundry needs to be moved back and forth throughout the premises multiple times throughout the day. Mr Turner required a really durable goods lift to quickly enable staff to move laundry in trolleys between the ground level and second floor within the premises throughout the working day. This was to be an essential work tool in their production cycle.

After a no-obligation site visit to the laundry in Kent, the Penny Hydraulics goods lift surveyor specified a 500kg maximum working load mezzanine floor lift as the best goods lift to suit their needs.

Penny Hydraulics Mezzanine Floor Lift Installed at Faversham Laundry – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

The Goods Lift design engineers were able to specify a MezzLift from their goods lift brochure which helped to keep project costs to a minimum. The MezzPro mezzanine lift was specified which had a maximum working load of 500kg. This was more than enough capacity for the laundry trolleys and would ensure that the lift was suited for heavy usage.

The MezzPro is enclosed in a self-supporting mesh shaft and no lift pit was required for the installation, this was also a big advantage of the MezzPro as this meant that no structural changes to the building were required…again helping to keep costs down. The platform was sized at 1000mm x 1000mm to suit the laundry trolleys and guarding was included at 900mm high on the non-loading edges of the goods lift.

At the entrance to the MezzLift at both levels there were 2000mm high gates, fitted with electrical interlocks to prevent the gates being opened unless the platform was docked at the appropriate level and prevent the lift being operated unless all gates were closed. At the lower level a 500mm long fixed ramp was included to assist loading the laundry trolleys on to the 50mm deep platform. A 2.2kw, 415 volt, three-phase and neutral supply was required terminated in an isolator at the lower level and control was via a hold to run, push button control station adjacent to the gates at both levels

The MezzPro mezzanine lift was manufactured at Penny Hydraulics HQ in Chesterfield within a 4 weeks lead time and the Penny Hydraulics installation team then installed the lift in a matter of days. The customer also benefited from 12 months parts & labour warranty.

Now the mezzanine floor lift has been installed at the laundry, it is an integral part of the working process helping the staff work in a more productive and safe manner.



MezzLift Improves Factory Efficiency – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

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