KJ250/1 SwingLift Crane Pickup Type 24V (Combi Pillar) - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

KJ250/1.5 SwingLift Crane Pickup Type 24V (Combi Pillar)

Product Code: KJ250/1.5 P 24V

£2,655.14 + VAT

The KJ250/1.5 is a one-and-a-half metre knuckle-joint crane offering a complete handling solution, combining simplicity, reliability and proven durability. It provides a safe, efficient and cost-effective means of handling loads for all types of vehicle.

Supply only, contact us for information on installation.
  • Lifts up to 250kg
  • Ideal for general items of plant including whacker plates & compressors
  • 1.5 metre boom plus 2 pivot points means operator can carry out lifts within a 3 metre diameter
  • Overload device ? will not lift more than MWL
  • Low crane weight of approximately 42kg
  • Compact design maximising vehicle floor space
  • Fully demountable ? can be deployed on other vehicles or removed altogether, therefore maintaining maximum fleet flexibility
  • Can be re-fitted to new or replacement vehicles
  • Easy to operate wander lead remote control

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