Unique challenges require bespoke solutions.

In the nuclear industry, precision is key.

Penny Nuclear designs and manufactures equipment for all stages of the nuclear plant lifecycle and nuclear fuel cycle.

We work across the supply chain, in partnership with contractors and through specified tender applications to provide tailor made solutions to solve challenges on site. We are a tier 2 supplier, supplying directly to companies such as Sellafield Ltd and Magnox Ltd.

Whether for decommissioning, generating, research or the erection of new sites, we have the knowledge and experience to provide robust, precise, cost-effective solutions within competitive lead times.

All projects are carried out under detailed consultancy and draw upon over 40 years’ experience in providing mechanical handling equipment to various industries.

Retrieval Systems & Tooling – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

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Retrieval Systems and Tooling

Utilising proven or off-the-shelf technology where possible, Penny Nuclear have developed a unique and rapidly deployable solution to retrieval projects.

Retrieval Systems & Tooling - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Drum and Waste Package Handling

Legacy waste disposal methods that offer significant project cost savings and timescale benefits.

Drum & Waste Package Handling - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Lead and Shielding Products

Lead-lined products to store high dose rate items so they can be sent for processing or placed into final disposal packages.

Lead & Shielding Products - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Cranes and Lifting Beams

Lifting beams that are suitably specified, designed, manufactured, and tested for the task in hand.

Cranes, Lifting Beams & Attachments - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

How Penny Nuclear Can Help

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Improved Health & Safety

The health and safety of workforces on site is paramount. Our solutions reduce the risk of an accident happening at your plant by increasing operation precision and limiting manual handling.

Nuclear - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Save Manpower

Every task conducted on site requires careful consideration. Our range of lifting, moving and handling equipment helps guarantee precision and in turn increases efficiency.

High Risk

Avoid Mistakes

Without appropriate lifting solutions you risk making an expensive and potentially harmful mistake if something goes wrong.

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