Tailor made handling solutions for the rail industry.

In the fast-paced rail industry, you can’t afford for your equipment to let you down because downtime isn’t an option when people rely on you.

For over 40 years we’ve been supplying the rail industry with the tools they need to overcome their manual handling challenges and get the job done. We understand that the rail industry has specific needs and safety requirements that very often off the shelf products cannot match. Penny Hydraulics has the in house design capability using the latest CAD modelling to solve your lifting and handling problems.

Our Products

Vehicle Mounted Cranes – Made to Order | Penny Hydraulics

Improving safety and productivity.

Our range of Vehicle Mounted Lifting Equipment is designed to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries and increase efficiency. The range comprises of SwingLift cranes, hydraulic PH cranes, hydraulic loading platforms and winches and hoists. These lifting solutions are usually mounted to vehicles, working with rail operators we have also developed trolley cranes and trailer cranes that can operate on road and rail. If a vehicle-mounted lifting solution is what you need, we’re proud approved converters of VW, Renault, Nissan, and Ford commercial vehicles. We also have a vast amount of experience in converting other manufacturers vehicles.

When mounted to your vehicle, lifts enable drivers to move heavy and bulky items on and off the vehicle easily, safely, and efficiently. Allowing workforces to expand their capabilities and increase productivity. A crane or loading platform can reduce a two or three-person task to a single-person task and save you money.

Safe maintenance of lighting

We design and manufacture lighting winch systems for lights over track where night-time maintenance is undertaken on trains. Our systems can speed up the amount of time required to raise and lower the lights and to remove the requirement to work at height to maintain the lighting.

High Mast Lighting Winch Systems | High Mast Winch | Penny Hydraulics

Related Products

Swinglift Cranes

Combining simplicity and reliability our range of Swinglift cranes provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective means of handling loads for all types of vehicle. These lightweight cranes have a max working load of up to 500kg and are perfect for lifting items on and off vans and trailers

SwingLift Cranes - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Hydraulic PH Cranes

Incorporating full hydraulic control to ensure smooth and precise load handling with reduced risk of sudden and unexpected movements that can cause accidents. Perfect for the movement of larger loads such as plant equipment on flatbed vehicles and trailers.

Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Custom Winch Systems

Working at height to maintain overhead lighting on the tracks poses a huge safety threat. Our custom winch systems bring the job to you, removing safety concerns and improving the maintenance efficiency.

High Mast Lighting Winch Systems | High Mast Winch | Penny Hydraulics

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Benefits of Lifting Equipment

Logistics and Warehousing - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Increased Efficiency

Unplanned downtime and letting people down is costly and bad for business. Our range of lifting equipment eradicates time consuming procedures to improve efficiency.

Trailer Cranes | Cranes for Trailers | Penny Hydraulics

Improved Health & Safety

The HSE states that 1 in 3 accidents at work are caused by manual handling. The introduction of a mechanical lifting aid can help.

Nuclear - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Save Manpower

A crane or loading platform can reduce a two- or three-person task to a single-person task, saving money and allowing you to utilise your workforce more effectively.

About Us - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Adhere to Legislation

It is the law to put sensible health and safety measures in place to prevent and avoid injury. Penny Hydraulics’ range of lifting equipment can help.

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