Hydraulic Cranes for Trailers

The leading hydraulic trailer crane installer, Penny Hydraulics supply cranes for a range of sectors including rail, recovery, and forestry to handle any load, from tonne bags to machinery. Penny Hydraulics supply and install hydraulic cranes for most trailer brands. Customers can also purchase a complete package from Penny Hydraulics, including both trailer and crane, selected and configured to meet individual lifting requirements. Hydraulic trailer crane options include:

  • Hydraulic cranes lift 500kg to 3000kg
  • Trailer and hydraulic crane supply

Everything is included in the price you are quoted, including counterweights or ballast. Trailer safety is our main focus, rigorously testing every hydraulic trailer crane conversion before handover. Penny Hydraulics deliver a complete trailer crane fitting service, ready to drive away.

Hydraulic Trailer Crane Range

Hydraulic Crane + Tri Axle Trailer

Max. working load 990kg – 1800kg

PH Hydraulic Trailer Cranes - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Hydraulic Cranes

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PH Hydraulic Trailer Cranes - Penny Hydraulics Ltd

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PH Hydraulic Trailer Cranes – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Right Crane for the Job

It is important to understand that trailers are not designed to be fitted with a hydraulic crane. Trailer posses little self-weight, compared to a vehicle, which negatively affects stability when in use. There are several factors to consider when adding a hydraulic crane to a trailer:

  • Ideal trailer
  • Correct crane
  • Calculating payload
    • stability
    • towing weight
    • nose weight.

The above considerations are critical to safety. Miscalculation risks damage to the trailer, vehicle, and payload. Worst case scenario, injury becomes a risk to the operator and others in close proximity.

Installing a Hydraulic Crane

Penny Hydraulics deliver a comprehensive hydraulic trailer crane service, including design, installation, and maintenance – we do the hard work for you. All elements are factored into the design of every trailer mounted crane installation, including:

  • Stability calculations
  • Remaining payload
  • Weight distribution.

Our engineers test and commission every trailer before it leaves us. We do not allow unfit or untested trailer crane conversions on to the road, ensuring each installation complies with regulations, is fit for purpose and safe for use. Our crane supply and install service is available for both customer-supplied trailers and trailers sourced by Penny Hydraulics.

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Safety Regulations

Lifting equipment, like hydraulic trailer cranes, fall under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, known as LOLER and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, known as PUWER.

Regulations put a responsibility on both the operator and owner of a lift or crane. These include, only purchasing CE/UKCA marked equipment and only using equipment for its intended use. Operations must be planned, and risk assessed, with operators trained to ensure competence.

Owners must adhere to the manufacturers service and inspection schedule. The initial inspection, completed when a crane is first installed on a vehicle, is particularly important, checking the stability and security of mountings in an over-load. All equipment must be inspected annually, in accordance with LOLER, by a competent person with records kept.

Hydraulic Trailer Cranes FAQs

Are Hydraulic Trailer Cranes CE marked?


All Penny Hydraulics’ Hydraulic Trailer Cranes are covered by The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992, also known as the Machinery Directive. Our “technical file” – a legal requirement – documents how we meet these criteria so we can fix a CE mark to the hoist and release a “Declaration of Conformity”.

Do Hydraulic Trailer Cranes meet BSEN12999:2011 standard?


Penny Hydraulics Hydraulic Trailer Cranes range offers an LME04 + SCU safety system that complies with EN12999:2011 standard, the European harmonised Standard for loader cranes in accordance with health and safety requirements from the Machinery Directive. Further information can be found on the written standard through the BSI.

Does a Hydraulic Trailer Crane operator need to wear PPE?


A Hydraulic Trailer Crane or hydraulic vehicle mounted lift operator needs to wear following PPE, as per the ALLMI/CPA Best Practice Guide:

  • Hardhat
  • Safety goggles/glasses
  • High visibility jacket
  • Gloves
  • Work boots.

Do I need stabiliser legs with a Hydraulic Trailer Crane?


Penny Hydraulics will advise on the need for and the type of stabiliser required. When lifting heavy loads without stabiliser legs the vehicle could tip over. Crane stabiliser legs extend out the side of the vehicle to help stabilise the crane while in use. However, not all cranes or loading platforms require them.

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