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PH3300 12V / 24V Free Wheel Winch – 3300lb Line Pull

The PH3300 is an extremely popular and reliable winch, the freewheel provides users with the option to quickly free spool your winch hook and rope and connect them to a load.

Our winches have benefitted from 40 years of development to make it probably the best winch in its class. They are sold around the globe for a variety of applications.

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  • 12 volt DC motor
  • Sealed for life
  • Machined gear sets
  • High torque drum brake
  • Developed for lifting as well as winching
  • Direct lifting capacity 500kgs
  • Winching capacity 1497kgs. (Rolling load line pull)
  • Heavy-duty bearings
  • Standard drum capacity of 12 metres of 6 mm rope
  • Maximum noise level is below actions levels at 74dB(A)
  • Duty cycle running 1 minute to off 14 minutes
  • 24 volt DC motor
  • Extended drum with capacity for 20 metres of rope
  • Freewheel facility to drum to enable free spool out function. *Not available on models to be used for lifting.
  • Fairlead
  • Remote control handset
  • Solenoids



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