We must ensure that we minimize the environmental impact of the products we make while helping our customers further reduce the impact of their equipment.

At Penny Hydraulics Ltd, we are committed to helping customers eliminate manual handling by the use of mechanical aids while consuming less and designing next-generation solutions that can make a positive impact on the world.


We consider the environment at every stage of the product lifecycle starting with how a product is designed. We consider the following when designing all of our products.

  • Smarter material choices: We often exceed legal requirements when it comes to providing safe materials in our products and many of our products are designed with environmentally preferable materials.
  • Energy efficiency: Our equipment is designed and manufactured to use the minimum amount of power possible.
  • End of life and reuse: Penny Hydraulics will remove and dispose of lifting equipment in an environmentally sound manner when required.
  • Environmental standards: Penny Hydraulics is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations and our products through the adoption of sustainable practices and continuous improvement in environmental performance.


Smarter material choices

We are committed to making smarter choices about the materials that go into our products by using environmentally preferable materials and avoiding those that are not.

We also use recycled packaging materials and recycled-content plastics where possible to help close the recycling loop.

Energy Efficiency

Our engineers are focused on making our products as energy efficient as possible.

End of life and re-use

Our service programme is developed to make sure that our products can last longer benefiting you and our planet.

We also design for recyclability, so that when your products finally reach the end of their life, it’s easy for our recycling partners to disassemble and process.

Reducing our impact

Penny Hydraulics is committed to minimizing the impact that our operations, and those of our supply chain, have on the planet, and the community we live and work in. We believe it’s possible to succeed in business without doing harm to the environment.

Central to this idea is the practice of using resources responsibly. With energy, water, forestry resources and on the manufacturing floor, we avoid waste in all its forms and work with our supply chain to do the same. We strive to recycle them back into usefulness or to obtain them from renewable and sustainable sources.

Additionally, we recognize that climate change is real and we all have a role to play in transition to a lower-carbon economy. Success is possible through a combination of emissions reductions and efficiency improvements. To these ends, we have committed to measuring and reducing the impact of our own operations, including our supply chain, our own operations and the impact of our products and services.

Sustainable solutions for green packaging and product delivery

Packaging protects products. Shipping gets them where they need to go. Both can leave a substantial environmental footprint.

Penny Hydraulics helps businesses and homes reduce their waste through using minimal and recyclable packaging.

Better logistics minimize the environmental profile

By continually evaluating our transportation and logistics, we are finding better, greener ways of delivering products.

For example, we only use freight companies that can prove that they use and continue to develop sustainable transport options.

Wherever possible our own engineers deliver equipment in their own work vehicle when they visit a site to install. This reduces trips and carbon emissions.


Reducing your footprint

Better product design minimizes environmental impact throughout a product’s lifecycle all helping to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint.

Recycling your equipment

To help prevent the environmental impacts of waste, Penny Hydraulics provides options for disposing waste responsibly and keeping it out of our landfills either directly or through our partnerships.


Robin Penny

Managing director