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Founded in 1958, TOG24 has been a stalwart in the sports clothing and equipment retail scene. With a philosophy that encourages everyone to embrace life’s adventures, TOG24 caters to a diverse customer base, offering a wide range of clothing and equipment for men, women, and children. From weekend escapes to extended travel adventures, TOG24 aims to equip its customers for every journey.

Diverse Offerings for Every Need

TOG24 doesn’t just stop at individual customers; its success extends to serving large organisations like VW, The British Army, IBM, Hitachi, and The Antarctic Heritage Trust. These organisations trust TOG24 to design, manufacture, and supply high-performance workwear, promotional clothing, and corporate clothing tailored to their unique business uses and environments.

Roots in Yorkshire: Operating from Heckmondwike Since 1958

Firmly rooted in the Spen Valley, Yorkshire, TOG24 has been operating from its large facility in Heckmondwike since its inception. Over the years, the facility has evolved to meet the growing demands of the business.

Maximising Warehouse Space: The Need for a Mezzanine Lift

As with most modern warehouses, TOG24’s facility benefits from a large mezzanine floor, strategically utilised to maximise usable space within the building. Mezzanine floors, typically made from steel, consist of main beams, purlins, columns, and decking, providing an efficient way to increase space and add value to a property, including Industrial, Office and Warehouse environments.

The Challenge: Upper Floor Space Accessible Only via Stairs

During a free site visit, the challenge of utilising upper floor space that was only accessible via stairs was discussed. With decreasing floor space at the lower level, finding a solution to efficiently transport goods to the upper level became imperative.

Penny Hydraulics Solution: The MezzPro Lift

Penny Hydraulics, represented by Area Sales Manager Andy Griffiths, proposed the installation of their MezzPro lift to address TOG24’s specific needs. The MezzPro is a 500kg working capacity mezzanine goods lift, designed to safely and efficiently transport goods between different floors. Its hydraulically powered platform accommodates goods on crates, trolleys, or pallets.

Standardised Excellence: Penny’s Standard Lift Range

While Penny Hydraulics offers a bespoke lift design service, TOG24 opted for a lift from Penny’s standard range – the MezzPro. General Manager Jocelyn Cole highlights the benefits of choosing a standard lift, emphasising the minimal design time required, resulting in exceptional value for money.

Key Features of the MezzPro Lift

  • 500kg maximum working load
  • Opposed mast support for minimal platform deflection
  • Quick lift speed of approximately 0.15m/s
  • Options for platform size, ranging from 1300mm x 1300mm to 2000mm x 1000mm
  • Maximum travel of 2 floors, reaching a height of 4000mm
  • 2000mm high double gates at both levels, with options for same side or through car loading

Rapid Installation and Compliance

The MezzPro’s free-standing and self-supporting design distinguishes it from other lifts on the market, allowing for quick installation without costly structural changes. In just two days, the lift was installed, tested, and certified at the Heckmondwike facility. The entire process adheres to European legislation, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Safety First: Built-in Safety Features

The MezzPro prioritises safety with features such as level gates equipped with electrical and mechanical interlocks, emergency stop buttons at all control stations, anti-slip platform surface, hose burst protection, and lift overload protection. TOG24 will enjoy a 12-month warranty, and the lift will undergo regular testing in accordance with LOLER regulations to ensure ongoing performance and safety.

Transforming Workflow: A Key Component for TOG24

With the MezzPro lift in place, TOG24 anticipates a transformation in its handling process. A single person can now undertake the entire process without manual lifting, promoting safety and optimising productivity. The MezzPro lift stands ready to play a key role in ensuring safe and efficient operations at TOG24’s Heckmondwike facility.

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