With Brexit still dominating headlines after a further extension has been granted to the UK to work on a deal before leaving the EU at the end of January. Penny Hydraulics continue to make preparations to enable our business to continue to operate and grow, should we leave without a deal.

You may recall our £1million investment in a new storage facility and various stock from earlier this year as we led up to the first of many deadlines. Most recently Penny Hydraulics has gained Swedish Type Approval for our Mobile Tyre Press – enabling us to continue to supply the mobile press to Europe.

What is Type Approval?

Type approval is specific testing that a vehicle/trailer must pass before it can be used on the road in Europe.

Our serial numbers now begin with E5 instead of E11 meaning that they are free to use on roads throughout Europe whatever the Brexit outcome. This is crucial as we have seen an increase in interest from Europe for our Tyre Press with many being shipped across to the continent.

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