In the last year, Ashgate Hospicecare looked after 1,680 patients at home, 414 patients on its ward and supported 476 bereaved family members.

In order to provide a high level of care to all the patients and their families, Ashgate Hospicecare rely on generous donations and sales from its chain of high-street charity shops. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ashgate was forced to close the shops and the economic impact meant donations slowed down.

As a supporter of Ashgate Hospicecare, the team at Penny Hydraulics knew we needed to do something to help them carry out the excellent work they do through the difficult period.

Supporting Ashgate Hospicecare Through the Pandemic – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

How Penny Hydraulics Has Helped

In the past year, Penny Hydraulics donated £2,000 to Ashgate Hospicecare in order to support the end-of-life care they provide.

We also heard the team at Ashgate needed a hand moving the huge amounts of PPE required around their premises. As a business that’s passionate about safety in moving goods, we donated a pallet truck worth £232 to the Estates team. Now, the team can safely and easily distribute PPE to their hard-working staff and help protect them from COVID-19.

As a result of donations like ours, Ashgate Hospicecare can help people like Paul Clayton and his wife of 33 years, Kim, who was receiving inpatient care during the pandemic.

Paul said: “From the moment I walked through the doors at Ashgate I knew that Kim was in safe hands. She’d been suffering from severe pain for some time and Ashgate was able to get a handle on that almost immediately, it brought her great relief and meant that she was able to make the most of the time she had left.”

During her time in hospital Kim had been unable to have any visitors due to restrictions caused by COVID-19.

However, following her move to Ashgate Hospicecare, Paul was able to visit daily due to patients having private rooms.

“We used to say that staying at Ashgate was like being at home, with all your home comforts but with expert medical care when you needed it.

“Everyone took the time to know your name and to talk to you, it really feels like you are part of one big family.”

Looking to the Future

While there is light at the end of the tunnel for the Coronavirus Pandemic, Ashgate Hospicecare will continue to provide excellent care for patients and their families for years to come and Penny Hydraulics is proud to support them in their hard work.

If you would like to find out more about Ashgate Hospicecare or join us in making a donation, you can find out more information on their website.

Supporting Ashgate Hospicecare Through the Pandemic – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

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