UK based lifting solutions manufacturer Penny Hydraulics Ltd is proud to announce the launch of its newest Configurator tool for their range of Raising and Lowering systems.

The free-to-use online tool enables prospective customers from around the world to quickly and easily specify their own raising and lowering systems for items such as chandeliers and luminaires. Our raising and lowering winch systems lower items from the ceiling level to floor level to allow safe and hassle-free maintenance completely removing the requirement to work at height and reduce the risk of related injuries. Once completed the item can be raised back up to the ceiling to continue its use.

The launch of the Raising and Lowering Selector is the third version available through the Penny Hydraulics website. It has been created on the back of the success of the Crane Selector and Goods Lift Selector which have both helped our customers to specify a suitable lifting solution and subsequently increased enquiries and led to sales.

Penny Hydraulics’ Marketing Manager, Daniel Casey outlined the importance of the Configurator:

“Our goal is to improve the customer experience by removing the barriers that stop people from specifying a lifting solution. By simplifying the process we are seeing new customer enquiries as well as existing b2b partners specifying solutions to their customers without the need for assistance. It is this simplicity and instant access to information that is key in this digital era.”

How does the Selector Work?

The Selector is accessed by visiting the Penny Hydraulics website and then hovering the cursor over ‘Configurator’ in the main navigation at the top of the page and selecting Raising and Lowering.

Once selected, the user is asked if they have architectural drawings to submit or if they would like to use the Configurator. If you select ‘No, I’ll use the Configurator’ the user is then taken through a series of easy to answer questions, designed to be answered by customers with minimal knowledge.

Questions include the type of system: manual or electric, the shape of the product, how many attachment points are required, the weight of the object, the lowering distance and operation method. Based on the selections, the Selector will suggest the most suitable product for the application, the user will be asked to enter their details before the suggested solution is presented. When completed the user is presented with the solution deemed most suitable by the Configurator, at this point they can find out more information about the product, request a callback or quotation.

Richard Short, Sales Director of Penny Hydraulics has been the driving force behind the project:

“Building on the successful model of the existing Configurators, I am confident that we will increase both interest and enquiries for our range of Raising and Lowering solutions with the launch. It remains important to be innovative and to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace, we believe that the Selector gives us the tools to achieve this.”

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