The last year and a half have been a struggle for many businesses but some sectors have been hit harder than any others including the arts industry.

Stay-at-home restrictions were enforced in March 2020 and social distancing has been in place ever since, so the arts industry hasn’t been able to get back to full capacity.

But that’s all about to change.

Despite the setback of a delayed reopening, Penny Hydraulics want to help the arts come back with a vengeance when the time comes.

Rigging Services – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Getting back on track

Getting the arts back on track will be no mean feat, which is why we’re proud to support the industry in any way we can.

Many theatres, music venues, museums and art galleries across the UK use rigging and winch systems for stage lighting, exhibitions and to suspend impressive light fittings like chandeliers. Winch systems also aid set changes on stage, especially when the set design is heavy or complex.

But after sitting vacant for over a year the winching systems may not be in the best condition which could lead to performance and safety concerns.

We’re offering comprehensive servicing to ensure your winch systems are in full working order and are still safe to use before the big re-opening. Not only will this help keep your staff safe and prevent winch downtime, but our servicing is also completed in line with relevant regulations to ensure your lifting practices are on the right side of the law.

Investing for the future

As well as servicing existing equipment, we offer a range of rigging and winch systems perfect for use in the arts.


Winch systems are a great way to suspend displays, sets and lighting with the ability to raise and lower them between floor and ceiling level.  This removes the risk of injury associated with working at height as systems can be controlled from the ground if needed.

On the other hand, rigging systems are more suitable for the static suspension of loads up to 2500kg. This makes them a great option for museums and art galleries looking to suspend displays as part of an eye-catching exhibition.


We offer a wide range of winch solutions that can be used to improve operations at your venue. From off-the-shelf winch systems that can be installed by your contractors to fully customised rigging solutions that are designed and manufactured to your exact specifications, we have a solution for almost every need.

Rigging Services – Penny Hydraulics Ltd
Multi-Rope Chandelier Winch Systems – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

Here to help

Whether you want us to take a look over existing systems or to install a brand-new lifting solution, we’re here to help you get back on track ahead of the reopening.

Get in touch with our team to get started and discuss your requirements.