A lot of the time, our customers know what type of product they want, but get stuck on the technical details. For example, you may know you need a crane for your van, but you are unsure which model is best suited to your needs.

That’s why we created the Penny Hydraulics Configurator!

For over 2 years, our Selector has made specifying equipment simple. But how does it work?

About the Configurator

The Selector is a completely free, no strings attached tool that helps our customers identify what product they need based on their specifications.

With so many products to choose from, we decided to make it straight forward for our customers to find the solution they need, no matter how specific the requirements are.


Simply go to the configurator, choose whether you want Vehicle Mounted Equipment, Goods Lifts or Lighting Winch Systems, enter your details and answer a series of simple questions.

Our Selector uses this information to find the best product for you, allowing us to give you an accurate quote as quickly as possible.

Benefits of the configurator

You know what you need in a matter of minutes

The Selector takes a matter of minutes to complete, and the more you know about your requirements, the faster it is!


Your results are generated straight away, recommending the right product and why we think it’s right for you. You can then use this information to further research the product or get in touch with our team for more information or a quotation.

Shorter lead times

Thanks to the ease of the configurator, you won’t need to spend time explaining what you need to our sales team.

Instead, we can get to work straight away knowing what you need, so you can avoid sending lots of emails back and forth. As it’s fully automated, you can access information at any time of the day or week, even outside of our working hours.

You can even request a quote directly from the configurator, should you choose to.

Multiple solutions

If you need multiple products, each with different requirements, for example in a fleet of vehicles, you can use the Selector as many times as you need to quickly find the right solutions for each.

That way, you get the best solution for all your needs without trying to make one product work for different applications.

Give it a go

Think the Selector will help you out? Give it a go here.

If you have any questions about the Selector or Penny Hydraulics’ products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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