Expanding capacity with a mezzanine floor can deliver a good return on investment, especially when compared with the long term costs of renting an extra business or storage unit. Mezzanines are also an alternative to moving premises altogether, which is both costly and disruptive.

Moving goods by hand can be inefficient, dangerous and poses manual handling risks, which is why Penny Hydraulics MezzLifts are the perfect solution to common risks associated with manual handling in the workplace.

A lift can be installed after the mezzanine itself has been constructed, even months or years later. Mezzanine floor lifts are designed to be retrofitted without needing a pit. In this guide, we explore what a mezzanine floor lift is and how no pit models are an attractive option for fast, low-hassle installations.

What is a mezzanine floor lift?

A  platform lifting goods between two or more floors. Mezzanine floor lifts travel within a self-supporting mesh clad shaft, installed inside or outside a building.. Access gates can be located on one or both sides of a mezzanine floor lift, providing either through-car or same-side loading.

As with many lifts, this is not an off-the-shelf product. Though the perception of make-to-order can be long lead times and lots of toing and froing, this is no longer the case. A UK lift manufacturer will have engineers ready to perform a site survey in preparation for design and manufacture, and our average lead time for a mezzanine lifts is around 4 weeks.

Mezzanine floor lifts can be used in any building with one or more ladings, able to lift up to 1000kg. Platform sizes vary according to the application, with common configurations ranging from 1000 x 800mm for a handloaded lift all the way to 1500 x 1500mm for a heavy-duty lift. Travel height for a mezzanine floor lift also varies according to needs, however the maximum travel for the majority of models is 8 metres.

No Pit Mezzanine Lift

The disruption and cost incurred by excavating a pit for a goods lift means pit-less designs are a cost-effective option. Advances in electrical technology mean making space for the traditional motor room is also a thing of the past. Self-supporting lift designs simplify construction and keep costs down. No pit lifts are simple to maintain and buying direct from a UK manufacturer ensures a plentiful supply of support and parts in the event of downtime.

Pit-Less Mezzanine Lift Benefits:

Ideal where space is tight
Pit-less lifts are an excellent space-saving choice, combining a self-supporting lift shaft with compact operating components.

Simple Installation
From listed and heritage properties to busy production facilities, pit-less mezzanine lifts avoid the hassle of excavation.

Maximise Capacity
Growing businesses consume floorspace quickly. Pit-less designs support the full utilisation of vertical capacity when space is at a premium.

Efficient Handling
A twin mast hydraulic motor drive lifts at 0.2 m/sec, moving goods at a safe yet efficient speed between multiple floors.

Fitted with a self-supporting shaft, our pit-less lifts do not require any structural support – meaning no further construction work is required.

Finding the Right Model

Choosing the right mezzanine floor lift for the job involves matching supplier capabilities with requirements. Outline what you need from a mezzanine floor lift, your budget, essentials, and nice-to-haves. Lift models are broadly split into three categories to match different handling processes:

Light Duty
Handles loads up to 250kg between two or three floors up to 8 metres. A simple, self-supporting design that is versatile to efficiently handle a range of goods in warehouse, factory, or workshop environments. Available in handload or trolley/pallet loaded models.

Medium Duty
500kg lifting capacity safely and efficiently moves goods between two or three floors up to 8 metres. Easily handling pallets, trolleys and/or roll-cages using an opposed mast mechanism.

Heavy Duty
Designed to handle goods weighing up to 1000kg between two or three floors up to 8 metres. A super-robust mezzanine floor goods lift designed for high throughput operations handling heavyweight goods.

Buyers Checklist

Buyers checklist:

  • Maximum working load required
  • Maximum size of goods to be handled?
  • Required loading and unloading direction?
  • How many loads per hour are needed?

Essential safety features:

  • Emergency stop button fitted at all control panels
  • Hazard warning signs
  • Level gates fitted with electrical and mechanical interlocks
  • Comprehensive operating manual
  • Spare parts diagram and aces to spares.

Not sure which type of mezzanine floor lift is right for you? You’re just a few clicks away from finding your perfect lifting partner…