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Challenges Faced

Windsor Court encountered the challenge of sourcing compliant, off-the-shelf solutions for suspending heavy light fittings and chandeliers from various concrete slab ceilings. Penny Hydraulics’ Tested Hanging Brackets emerged as the ideal answer; offering reliability and compliance with safety regulations.

Commencing on 24th July 2023, Knowles Construction sought Penny Hydraulics’ expertise for the project. With a seamless collaboration from order placement on 16th August 2023 to the final shipment on 8th September 2023, Penny Hydraulics showcased our ability to deliver promptly and efficiently.

Knowles Construction entrusted Penny Hydraulics due to our renowned reputation for providing robust, tested solutions with short lead times. Navigating through our website, they discovered our range of Tested Hanging Brackets perfectly tailored to their requirements.

Windsor Court Tested Hanging Bracket Project – Penny Hydraulics
Windsor Court Tested Hanging Bracket Project – Penny Hydraulics

Our Tested Hanging Bracket Solution

Penny Hydraulics supplied 70 x RLS-250 and 38 x RLS-500 Tested Hanging Brackets, alongside the necessary chemical resin and anchor bolts. These meticulously tested brackets, clearly marked with their load capacities, guaranteed the secure suspension of heavy fixtures throughout Windsor Court.

In a supply-only engagement, Penny Hydraulics provided expert advice and prompt delivery, enabling Knowles Construction to seamlessly integrate the Tested Hanging Brackets into their refurbishment project.

Results and Impact

Recognising the critical importance of safety, our Tested Hanging Brackets guarantee adherence to stringent safety regulations, instilling a sense of assurance among both clients and occupants of Windsor Court. To ensure ultimate reliability, the Tested Hanging Brackets developed by our team of engineering experts each underwent individual proof load testing, complemented by manufacturer-issued test certificates; affirming dependability and consistent performance.

Our solutions proved advantageous for both Windsor Court and Knowles Construction in terms of efficiency, successfully mitigating downtime and disruption typically associated with the procurement of longer lead time items. By opting for a meticulously designed and innovative solution by Penny Hydraulics, downtime and disruption were significantly minimised, ensuring smooth and consistent progress throughout the refurbishment.

Windsor Court Tested Hanging Bracket Project – Penny Hydraulics

Elevate Your Projects with Confidence with Penny Hydraulics’ Tested Hanging Brackets

Securely suspend heavy objects with Tested Hanging Brackets from Penny Hydraulics. Our range provides solutions for various loads, ensuring safety and reliability in any application. Contact us today to discover how our products can enhance your projects.

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