The Inner Temple



The Challenge: Redefining Historical Elegance

Renowned for being one of the four inns of Court and a professional association for barristers and judges, the Inner Temple in London dates back to 1506; with such historical significance, it was important during Project Pegasus that its architecture be left undisturbed.

Our journey to simplifying the Inner Temple’s raising and lowering solutions began with an assessment for The Engineering Practice, focusing on 10 ageing chandelier winches in the Hall’s roof void. Tasked with either refurbishing or replacing these crucial elements, Penny Hydraulics faced the challenge of blending modern compliance with the venue’s historical charm.

Inner Temple Chandelier Winches & Goods Lifts – Penny Hydraulics
Inner Temple Chandelier Winches & Goods Lifts – Penny Hydraulics

Ingenious Design: Bespoke Electric Winch Systems

Following our comprehensive evaluation, it was evident that the winches were non-compliant with modern standards. Embracing this challenge, our team of professionals engineered 10 bespoke electric winch systems – capable of safely raising and lowering the priceless chandeliers by a single operator for essential tasks such as cleaning and maintenance.

The electric winch system designs were intricate, requiring remote installation in a plant room, far from each chandelier’s position. Our team adeptly navigated through dense MEP infrastructure within floor voids, ensuring the preservation of protected decorative plasterwork, an integral aspect of Inner Temple’s heritage.

Aftercare: Ensuring Enduring Excellence

The installation of these systems exemplified our technical acumen, as we meticulously maneuvered through spatial limitations. The success of this operation was a testament to our commitment to precision and respect for historical contexts. Post-installation, our comprehensive aftercare package came into effect, ensuring the longevity and flawless functioning of these systems. Our first maintenance visit post-installation reaffirmed their impeccable condition

Inner Temple Chandelier Winches & Goods Lifts – Penny Hydraulics
Inner Temple Chandelier Winches & Goods Lifts – Penny Hydraulics

Extending Expertise: Goods Lift Installation

The project’s scope expanded with the addition of a bespoke Goods Lift installation. Building on our previous success with a Cellar Lift in 2011, we were approached to install a larger lift for transporting kitchen deliveries and waste bins. Our solution was a custom-designed MezzPro lift, fitted within a restricted lightwell and stairwell, demanding inventive installation methods and meticulous manufacturing to accommodate the existing infrastructure.

The MezzPro lift installation, completed in August 2021, was a remarkable feat, given the site’s limitations. Site altered the existing stairs and created a new gantry for unloading while we manufactured guards around windows and pipework. The lift’s specs — a 1300mm x 1500mm platform, 4.5m travel, and 500kg load capacity — were tailored to meet the unique demands of the site.

Combining Modern Engineering With British Heritage

Project Pegasus stands as a showcase of Penny Hydraulics’ capabilities in harmonising advanced engineering solutions with the preservation of historical significance. Our work in the Inner Temple is a testament to our expertise in executing complex projects with precision and care, ensuring the seamless integration of modern functionality into revered historical spaces.

Inner Temple Chandelier Winches & Goods Lifts – Penny Hydraulics

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