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The Redevelopment

Built in Birmingham, the Perry Barr Household Recycling Centre (HRC) and Waste Transfer Station underwent a complete redevelopment. Under the management of Veolia Environmental Services (Veolia UK), the purpose of the new site is to enhance the user experience, increase recycling, and continue the processing of waste and recycling with minimal disruption to the environment and area.

With sustainability at the forefront of most industries, it was important for Veolia UK to work alongside companies who also shared a passion for sustainability and achieving the end goal of Net Zero.

Increasing Efficiency in Sustainable Workplaces: GoodsLift Installed at Redeveloped Recycling Centre – Penny Hydraulics
Increasing Efficiency in Sustainable Workplaces: Goods Lift Installed at Redeveloped Recycling Centre – Penny Hydraulics

The Product

Veolia was searching for a goods lift capable of lifting goods to 1000kg. Being a fast-paced working environment, there needed to be a goods lift installed which was reliable, increased efficiency and reduced manual handling amongst the workforce.

Penny Hydraulics had just the lift for the job! Working with Goods Lift Area Sales Manager Martin Ayre, Veolia purchased a Heavy Duty MezzLift, with 1000kg maximum working load and a 1500m x 1500m usable platform size. The lift was installed into a cut-out in their gantry, to move household bulky items and recycling bins/boxes from an upper level down to the lower level via a hand pallet truck down to the processing area in the Household Recycling Centre.

The Process

Our Goods Lift team worked alongside the contacts at Veolia UK from first enquiry to after-sales, providing a fully comprehensive package of detailed drawings, a site survey, liaison with the designer, bespoke design and manufacture of the lift and installation.

Increasing Efficiency in Sustainable Workplaces: GoodsLift Installed at Redeveloped Recycling Centre – Penny Hydraulics

The Aftercare

Although the HD MezzLift has now been installed, our partnership with Veolia UK is far from over. The lift will be on a preventative maintenance contract which will extend the lifespan of the equipment and reduce downtime, as we can identify and address potential issues before they lead to equipment failure. We also ensure compliance with statutory obligations under both PUWER and LOLER.

Commenting on the experience of installing a lift for Veolia UK, Goods Lift General Manager Jocelyn Cole commented: It’s been a pleasure to work with Veolia, both in the run-up to the installation and whilst on site. It’s been an easy project to manage as everyone involved has been engaged and focused on getting the best results and this shows in the end product.

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