Custom Aircraft Hangar Electric Winch Systems

Located in the UK, our client’s facilities had undergone a major infrastructure construction and renovation project, and required bespoke winch systems to mechanise the hoisting of specialised military equipment hanging from the roof in a service hangar that needed to be lowered over the wing of an aircraft.

Our Involvement

Having worked in partnership with our construction engineering partner on numerous projects previously, we were eager to lend a hand with a critical project involving a brand new military aircraft hangar.

With over 4 decades of experience in delivering fully integrated lifting solutions, we were tasked to design, manufacture, and install a series of specially manufactured, bespoke electric winch solutions for one of their newly constructed hangars. It was pertinent to the client that the custom winch systems were designed to handle aircraft hoses that are stored at ceiling level and are then lowered to be connected to the aircraft, and the winch hoist components did not interfere with the ceiling’s various mechanical, electrical, plumbing elements and containment already in place.

Auto Draft – Penny Hydraulics

The Challenge

This project presented unique challenges for the team at Penny Hydraulics, as most of the installation work had to be conducted at significant height, which required careful planning and execution to ensure the safety of personnel and the successful installation of the new winch systems. The winch hoist also needed to meet precise specifications to handle the specialised equipment for the aircrafts in question. Any deviation from these specifications could have had serious consequences for the operation, adding an additional layer of complexity to the design and installation process.

Auto Draft – Penny Hydraulics

Our Raising and Lowering Solution

Our team of experts approached the project with the same precision and innovation as in previous ventures. We custom-designed an electric winch hoist that met the exacting requirements of the client. This system offered the necessary power, precision, and reliability to safely handle the specialised equipment essential for the maintenance of their aircrafts.

To ensure compliance with necessary military standards, we implemented stringent quality control measures throughout the design and installation phases. This included rigorous testing and validation processes, ensuring that the electric winch met the exact specifications required by our client.

Results and Impact

Our innovative winch solutions for the aircraft hangar in question achieved remarkable results with a short lead time, and the bespoke electric winch systems were installed flawlessly, meeting the precision requirements necessary for the hangar’s operations. Stringent quality control and adherence to industry standards ensured the system’s reliability and safety, and the project was completed swiftly and efficiently, showcasing our ability to deliver complex solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Our work indicates our commitment to providing innovative, customised winch solutions in even the most challenging and sensitive military environments.

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