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Hyde Park Picture House

The Challenge

At the commencement of the Hyde Park Picture House refurbishment project, Penny Hydraulics undertook a critical examination of four existing chandelier winch systems within the main cinema auditorium. The primary objective was to assess the viability of these systems for continued use or replacement, given their extensive service life.

The existing chandelier winch systems, having been in operation for many years, were found to be non-compliant with current regulations. Penny Hydraulics faced the challenge of either refurbishing the outdated systems or proposing and implementing the installation of new, compliant systems.

Penny Hydraulics – Penny Hydraulics

Our Chandelier Winch Solution

Following a thorough inspection, we determined that refurbishment was not a viable option. Subsequently, the team proposed a comprehensive solution to design and supply four new manually operated chandelier raising and lowering systems. The cinema management accepted this proposal, recognising the need for modern, compliant equipment.

Penny Hydraulics demonstrated our engineering prowess by designing systems that seamlessly integrated with the historic structure of Hyde Park Picture House. Bespoke brackets were crafted to ensure a perfect fit, allowing the new chandelier winch systems to harmonise with the aesthetics of the old building.

Penny Hydraulics – Penny Hydraulics

Invisible Elegance & Safety

To preserve the cinematic experience, the new winch systems were strategically installed in the roof void above the main cinema auditorium. This placement ensured that none of the winch gears were visible to the audience when the chandeliers were hanging at high levels, maintaining the elegance of the cinema space.

Recognising the importance of safety, secondary support mechanisms were incorporated into each system. This measure ensured that the chandeliers had two means of support when suspended above the audience, aligning with safety regulations and best practices.

Showcasing Efficiency With Our Chandelier Winch Systems

Despite tight timeframes associated with the cinema’s operational constraints, Penny Hydraulics excelled in project management. The installation of all four winch systems was successfully completed within a single day, minimising downtime for the cinema and showcasing the efficiency of Penny Hydraulics’ operations; a testament to our capability to provide innovative, compliant, and seamlessly integrated chandelier winch systems.

By combining bespoke design, safety considerations, and efficient installation, Penny Hydraulics delivered a solution that not only met the technical requirements but also enhanced the visual appeal of the historic cinema space in Leeds.

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