High Hopes for the Collaboration

Penny Nuclear will be working with RG Nuclear to provide design and manufacturing capabilities to the specialist nuclear market. Building upon an existing professional relationship of over 10 years, the official partnership was welcomed with open arms.
When asked about the collaborative approach, RG Nuclear’s Director Rob Goodwill commented: “Penny Nuclear has a fantastic capability and reputation for designing and manufacturing products. RG Nuclear can strengthen projects with specialist project management within the nuclear defence, decommissioning and operations sectors.”
“By partnering together, we can collectively bring a strong team that can implement nuclear projects from concept to commissioning.”

An Expert Collaboration in the Nuclear Industry – Penny Hydraulics Ltd

What will be gained?

Rob Goodwill stated that having Penny Nuclear as a key partner can provide RG Nuclear with key strengths. These strengths include providing engineering and manufacturing capability to a specialist nuclear market. These advances are key to being able to cater to challenging time scales and maintain the high product quality that Penny Nuclear have proven to supply.
To date, Penny Nuclear have predominantly supplied to the UK’s nuclear decommissioning market. This new collaboration will allow Penny Nuclear to expand into new markets, such as defence, whilst having the support of a successful company within those specialist areas.

Ideas in the Pipeline

Commenting on ideas of future projects with Penny Nuclear Manager Simon Pykett, Rob Goodwill hopes to put in motion:
• Defence Markets
• Nuclear Decommissioning – An example of this from Penny Nuclear is the FED Project at Bradwell and the plant and equipment for the Advanced Vacuum Drying System (AVDS) at Dungeness A Decommissioning Site.

Looking to the future, Penny Nuclear and RG Nuclear hope to have achieved both strengthening capabilities previously mentioned to secure collaborative contracts in the nuclear sector.

A positive start to 2022

Penny Nuclear’s new collaboration ignites an exciting 2022 for the company. The start of many positive happenings this year, the company look forward to working with RG Nuclear and making a further impact on the nuclear industry.

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